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Sept. 15 2011 12:00 AM

Evanston, IL -- DM Systems, Inc., a manufacturer of Wound Care, Casting, and Rehabilitation products, has launched an e-commerce website to make purchasing DM products more convenient for consumers and medical professionals.

The new DM Systems e-store provides readily accessible tracking information and order history for quick reference. In addition, return visitors to the site who want to repeat an order can simply click a button and all of the information will populate automatically.

Donna Schwartz, VP of Operations, said, "This e-commerce site will not only make it easier for our customers to purchase products, but now they will be able to refer their patients to the online store as well."

Medical professionals and dealers alike will for the first time be able to purchase the Heelift Suspension Boot, the leading heel pressure ulcer prevention and treatment device. Manufactured in three sizes, Heelift floats the heel and redistributes pressure to the calf, significantly reducing the chances for a pressure sore to develop. The Heelift Home Kit will continue to be available to patients and caregivers in home environments.

The full family of Wound Care products also includes the new Heelift AFO, an innovative, soft ankle foot orthosis device, and HeelSafe DVT Hose, graduated compression hose that feature a unique window design that prevents heel pressure and allows for easy monitoring.

Casting products are available that reduce cast-wear, improve gait and adjust existing casts. The Rehabilitation products help to prevent and rehab shoulder injuries, especially subluxations and dislocations, strengthen and prevent ankle injuries and provide resistive exercise.

To review all of the products available for immediate purchase, visit


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