Veg News Magazine has named Beth, YogaFit's Founder, one of the 25 Most Fascinating Vegetarians in the recent July 2007 issue, which has just hit newsstands.


Yoga junkies can attest, downward-facing dogs give you better abs than hot dogs-and nobody knows this better than YogaFit creator, Beth Shaw. Taking yoga and adapting the practice for a gym-going clientele, the mind beind the "YogaButt" explains her success: "I know that I am on the right path and am reminded of this every day in so many beautiful ways."


Community service is central to Shaw's fitness empire- trainees are required to volunteer as part of their curriculum. "Everyone can and should make a difference-and it's all those little things that people do that can add up to a positive change." Shaw recommends starting anywhere. "You can donate old towels and blankets to an animal shelter, you can read to the elderly, you can walk dogs at your cloal shelter. These things don't cost anything and make a difference to society."

Shaw credits her veg lifestyle with her sense of compassion. "Vegetarians are one step ahead of the general public in terms of higher consciousness. The challenge then is to take that to the next level. Helping other living creatures is why we are on this planet." Now that's looking good from the inside out.

Beth Shaw is the Founder/ Creator of YOGAFIT Training Systems Inc. The leader in Mind Body Education, YogaFit has trained over 70,000 Fitness Instructors in 6 Continents. Beth is the author of YOGAFIT ( Human Kinetics 2001 ) a best seller. She has been showcased in TIME , Entrepreneur, USA Today, Yoga Journal , and most every fitness magazine in print. Ms Shaw has been featured on MSNBC ,CNN, NBC, CBS, E Style Channel & Showtime. Shaw is an avid community minded supporter of charities and funds ­ helping animal and human rights organizations in her # 1 passion. Ms Shaw is also the publisher of Angles Magazine ­ a publication that goes out to over 50,000 yoga fitness enthusiasts and instructors. Her latest Venture ­ Visionary Women in Fitness was featured on E! And gives scholarships to women in need YogaFit Training Systems Corporate headquarters are located in Torrance Beach. YogaFit is the largest yoga school in North America


About YogaFit Training Systems Worldwide

YogaFit ("Yoga for the Fitness Industry"), was developed in 1994 by Beth Shaw.YogaFit has trained over 50,000 fitness professionals and yoga instructors at facilities in the US and internationally, and has been integral in the practice of yoga becoming an primary part of health club, gym and spa programs throughout the world. YogaFit has and continues to bring yoga to the fitness industry. YogaFit encourages and supports the philosophy of " Conscious Business" . In this Millennium we believe the companies that are socially responsible will prosper from good will and good karma.