Creating a presence on the Web is an important component of professional success. According to 1&1 Internet, Inc., 40% of small businesses do not currently have a website, missing the opportunity to reach a vast number of current and new clients. A website allows a business to promote services and skills while maintaining full control over its message. A professional website can be a central location for internet users to easily access and learn about your company, potentially turning them into clients. Since many others in the fitness industry lack an online presence, this will provide you with great competitive advantage.

You may not realize it, but as a fitness professional, you are a business. You should promote your skills, training and accomplishments and have mass appeal using the internet. Common fears of developing a website is the time commitment and technical knowledge both which often discourage fitness professionals from creating an online presence. Many are shocked to learn that no matter what their technical skill level, they can create a quality website in a few minutes. With 1&1 MyWebsite, creating a website for your business is an affordable option and can be completed in just six easy steps.

Step 1: Go to 1&1 Homepage - Visit and select 1&1 MyWebsite for businesses. You can currently try out the website design tool risk-free for 30 days.

Step 2: Select your Business Type - Choose from over 200 industries in order to get the best option that describes your focus such as "Gym,
Fitness and Recreational Sport Centers." Upon selection, field-specific text generated by industry professionals and appropriate images are automatically implemented on your website providing you with a starting point for getting online.

Step 3: Choose Your Package - Each professional has their own set of needs. 1&1 provides three options to fit the requirements of businesses at most stages of their life-cycle.

- 1&1 MyWebsite Basic: The straightforward design tool is inclusive with a free domain (.com, .net, etc) and domain-specific email accounts to help create visibility and credibility ($9.99/month).

- 1&1 MyWebsite Plus: The Plus package provides professionals with mobile optimization capabilities as well as measurement tools to track visitors' actions ($19.99/month).

- 1&1 MyWebsite Premium: For optimal online visibility, this package comes with an SEO Ready Service along with access to 1&1 experts to improve your website ranking on search engines like Google.

Step 4: Add Your Business' Details - Enter your business' information including the services, contact details, location and hours of operation.

Step 5: Choose a Domain - Create your "internet address" for your business. All domain registrations can be privately registered at no additional cost preventing personal information from being publically available. This helps protect against fraud and telemarketers.

Step 6: Customize your Website - Upon finishing the registration process, you will receive your account information. You can then log into your new website and begin to personalize the content for your business. Incorporate personal details about your skills and offerings by adding and editing the text as easily as working within a Word document.

You can also add images like headshots, photos of the facility and integrate videos of exercises or testimonials.

A business' online presence is essential to its overall success. With a website, you can reach your current and potential customers and communicate with them efficiently. Getting online can be quick and easy with 1&1's MyWebsite in just 6 easy steps.

Carol Lyons, owner of Studio Eight Yoga decided to launch a website with 1&1 Internet Inc. without any prior Web design experience. She knew that by creating an online presence, she would be able to expand her reach to a much broader clientele. The website helped her provides efficient and regular communication with customers.