KettleBell Concepts (KBC) and SIL FITNESS have joined forces. SIL FITNESS is now the exclusive distributor for KBC-brand kettlebells in the United States. The 20 year old Brick, New Jersey based company stocks over 1,500 product items in their warehouse and sells almost exclusively to the health club fitness industry nationwide. The two companies have linked their computer and phone systems so any order coming to the KBC website for kettlebells is automatically processed by the SIL FITNESS team, improving customer service tremendously for all KBC customers.

“I got a crash course in product sourcing when I had the ‘brilliant’ idea to try and start importing these things back in 2002,” says David Ganulin, CEO of KBC. “The problem was that we were receiving so many orders that customer service was suffering. KBC quickly became a product company rather than an education company. It pulled us away from our original mission and my true passion—providing top quality, continuing education for professionals and helping health clubs and trainers build up their business. I knew I had to find the proper partner so we could focus solely on education and helping trainers and club owners—that’s where we excel. I had to find a partner who also understood customer service and who knew the business backwards and forwards.”

On a cold call, Ganulin had the good fortune of meeting SIL FITNESS, CEO and industry veteran Ed Castellanos. “I have to admit -- I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years and I didn’t think that kettlebells would last. I also soon found out that there’s so much that goes into making this product if you want it to be a good one. I quickly realized that the kettlebells were here to stay, but that education was paramount. Dave struck me as an extremely passionate individual very committed to his goals and to the industry, but he didn’t have the infrastructure to keep up and he needed help so I stepped in and now it’s a great relationship.”

SIL FITNESS later became the exclusive product provider for the KBC Galvanized conventions –the third will be held again in NYC in Sept, 2011. ( SIL FITNESS also provides all products for KBC’s appearances at trade shows as well. All KBC trained instructors receive access to SIL’s Preferred Club Pricing (PCP) program, which allows clubs and trainer’s discounts to the SIL FITNESS products of up to 25% off. For more information go to

KBC receives product for trade shows from SIL FITNESS, the benefit of SIL FITNESS’ staff, and more. “Since SIL FITNESS has taken over handling our kettlebell orders, I haven’t heard a single peep about poor customer service. Matter of fact, it’s constantly complimented on. This is great for both companies. KBC has gone to the next level and, with Ed’s help, we’ve finally dug out of the “poor product customer service” reputation that may have plagued us 6 or 7 years ago. Our education continually garners good reviews--and it always has since we started in 2002.”

Castellanos agrees. “I spent my entire life in this business and know it very well. The KBC Senior Instructor team is a wonderful bunch of professionals whom I have met at the Galvanized Convention and I’m proud of this fantastic new partnership. We’re going to do some great things together.”

About KettleBell Concepts
David Ganulin is the Founder and CEO of KettleBell Concepts. ( In business since 2002, KBC is the industry leader in kettlebell education for fitness professionals. KBC has become one of the first to bring kettlebells into the United States, the first to produce a CEC-approved course for the fitness industry, the first to introduce kettlebell training in an industry trade show, first to conduct and publish the first ever English-language study on kettlebell training in a peer-reviewed journal, and much more. They have produced two industry conventions ( and have trained over 4,000 instructors thus far. KBC was responsible for bringing kb’s to Equinox and has since gone on to work with Crunch, TSI, Life Time Fitness, New York Health and Racquet, and many other fitness facilities nationwide. All courses are CEC-approved by ACE, NASM, NSCA, AFAA, NCSF, NFPT, BOC, and many others. To host an instructor training at your facility, fill out this form now ( call 800-876-6090 x711 or email education(at)kettlebellconcepts(dot)com

SIL FITNESS ( is a leading catalog company catering to the professional fitness market. They are proud to offer a large variety of exercise equipment, fitness products and wellness accessories at some of the lowest prices in the industry. All products are commercial grade, top quality, durable health and wellness products that can stand up to health club and professional gym use. If you like to know more about their Preferred Club Pricing Program (PCP) for discounts up to 25% off on all products every time you order, call their friendly customer service staff at 800-824-9652 or go directly to for complete details.