A new adjustable intragastric balloon appears to help obese patients
    lose significant amounts of weight and could be more tolerable than
    traditional intragastric balloons which must be removed after six
    months. Six month data from a pilot study of Spatz-FGIA Inc.'s
    Adjustable Balloon System were presented in a poster at Digestive
    Disease Week (DDW) 2010 in New Orleans (abstract M1507).

    "Our excellent results are due, in part, to our ability to adjust the
    balloon to fit each patient's requirements," stated lead investigator
    Dr. Evzen Machytka, University Hospital Ostrava, Czech Republic. "We
    believe that the results of this study underscore the potential of the
    Spatz balloon as a safer, longer-term non-surgical endoscopic approach
    to weight management than traditional intragastric balloons used today."

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