In 10 years, the nation has
certainly focused its attention on obesity, and now the First Lady has
initiated a major campaign around it. In the new second edition of Physical Activity and Obesity, (Human
Kinetics, 2010), leading scientists from various backgrounds team up
to update an unrivaled resource examining the latest research and
developments in the field. Each chapter provides researchers and practitioners
with a clear explanation of the concepts, research techniques, and results of
studies critical to understanding physical activity and the obesity epidemic.

In the 10 years since the first edition of this book was published, the field
of physical activity and obesity has mushroomed with new research, sparking the
need for not only a new edition but an innovative and refreshing approach to
the contents. Editors Bouchard and Katzmarzyk create a go-to resource with 89
succinct, authoritative chapters that may be used independently or as a
complete text. Packed with the most up-to-date information linking obesity and
physical activity, this comprehensive book delves into areas of uncertainty and controversy instead of
avoiding them or skirting the issues; emphasizes, where appropriate, the underlying mechanisms between
physical activity and obesity; and points to research areas that need further exploration and

The unique format, expert contributors, and complete references make Physical Activity and Obesity, Second
indispensable for all readers studying the ever-expanding
topic of obesity as it relates to physical activity.

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