As the nation strives to find a balance between health care and health insurance, the medical paradigm is limited in its ability to ensure wellness or responsible movement back toward health. The primary diagnoses that are labeled upon the fast-food eating, inactive, over-stressed public range from metabolic syndrome to compromises in cardio-respiratory health. Our society often seeks solutions in pharmaceutical intervention when structured and monitored exercise protocols may prove more affordable and beneficial.
    In order to help personal trainers find opportunity and value in the present state of our nation’s health concerns, and in order to reposition personal trainers in a market place where they’re often considered workout leaders for regular gym goers, long time personal training leader, Phil Kaplan, and former editor of PFP media, Kelli Calabrese, will be hosting the first annual Global Personal Training Focus Group. The intent is to hear from personal trainers who are achieving success in the trenches - who may not typically be given a sounding platform ‑ to share their frustrations, victories, and most of all, to contribute to the formulation of a better paradigm, one in which personal trainers can find respect and recognition as a viable part of the allied health care team.
    This is a first-ever chance for personal trainers to work as a like-minded unit. It is not judgmental, nor specific to any certification or credential, but is simply a step toward allowing those who exhibit true expertise to be heard and seen as role models of excellence.
    The remote event, open to any certified or degreed career-driven personal fitness trainer who has access to telephone and internet, will be recorded and preserved for open access.*
    Personal trainers are invited to apply to be one of twenty to participate live in the remote forum.
    The tele-event will take place Monday, March 8, 2010, at 3:00 PM Eastern Time. The twenty will be selected from applications completed online by March 3, 2010. All applicants will receive a transcript or recording of the event. Applicants must consider Personal Training their primary and full-time careers, they must have been in business for at least 18 months (or working in the field with full time pay for 18 months or more), and they must have specific opinions to share related to the state of the industry and the direction that might be best for the public, for personal trainers, and for all allied agencies and fields. The intention is not to form laws or decisions, but simply to explore current challenges, opportunities, and solutions.
    Please apply at:
    Find more information at:
    For more information, call Stacey Miller at 954.495.8065.
    *The suggestions and potential directions for improving the future of trainers at the Personal Training Global Focus Group will be presented and analyzed at the Club Industry East Trade Show. A special Industry Forum session called "Can Personal Trainers Cure Disease?" will be held on Thursday, May 6 at 4:00pm in the Javits Center in New York City, moderated by Kelli and Phil along with a distinguished panel of experts including David H. Haase, MD of the MaxWell Clinic for Proactive Medicine, Terry Dezzutti of Merritt Athletic Clubs, Liz Vaccariello of Prevention Magazine and Michael Jones, PhD, PT, of the American Academy of Health, Fitness and Rehabilitation Professionals. The Industry Forum will be free to all show attendees: for information and registration, visit Club Industry East is sponsored by Club Industry magazine and the Industry Forum is sponsored by PFP media.