A new report from the National Heart Forum has concluded that obesity trends among adults in England are continuing to rise, meaning there will be worrying increases in associated conditions and diseases such as heart disease, cancer and Type 2 diabetes in coming years.

Led by Oxford University's Professor Klim McPherson the researchers conducted the analysis by preparing forecasts up to 2020 for overweight and obesity levels among adults using the most recent data and comparing them to previous estimates.

The team also updated their predictions for the burdens of diseases and conditions that are attributable to obesity. Their analysis shows a substantial increase in cardiovascular diseases particularly coronary heart disease (CHD). By 2050, they predict a 23 per cent rise in the prevalence of obesity-related stroke, a 34 per cent rise in obesity-related hypertension, a 44 per cent rise in obesity-related coronary heart disease and a 98 per cent rise in Type 2 diabetes.