No matter what your neighborhood or part of the country or world you live in, there are definitely many luxury residences in your area. These are buildings or complexes that are home to large numbers of wealthy people and usually provide them many different services on-site for their convenience.

In almost all cases, these buildings have health clubs; the interesting fact, however, is that very few of them actually have on-staff personal trainers. Health club management is a very complex task, and for that reason, most of these building managers don't go to the trouble of hiring and managing a staff of trainers. That makes them a ripe field for any trainer who can penetrate this market. It's really an unbelievable situation, when you think about it: a built-in population of qualified clients, no gym fees and the convenience of being able to see multiple people in one location.

Getting In
For many of you, you'll find that as you launch an aggressive marketing campaign, you may get into one of these residences by "accident." Once you're in, you can prospect and network through your existing clients, other members you meet and the gym staff. All you need is a few clients in a location like this; once you've got them, you'll be looked at as a resident specialist. You'll be able to make an excellent living for years just from retaining existing clients and converting the trickle of new clients and referrals that come your way into new clients.

Actively Recruiting Locations
If you aren't introduced into one of these luxury residencies by a client, then you'll have to actively recruit them. This process is slightly more difficult, but doable and very worthwhile. You'll need to set up a meeting between you and the most senior member of the sports and leisure staff. In this meeting, you can first tell them about your experience and qualifications. Get this person excited about you and what you have to offer. After that, supply them with tons of your business cards and brochures.

What's In it for Them?
The most important thing to remember in dealing with someone in this type of situation is what's in it for them to help you. In general, this type of manager is usually overworked in dealing with member questions and complaints. The point you want to emphasize is that you're here to serve their members' needs. You'll be able to make life much easier for them by showing people that don't know how to exercise how to use the gym more effectively. If this gym charges for membership, let them know that you'll be causing people to utilize the gym more frequently, which will lead to even more re-signs. Let them also know they can use you as a selling point to people that are on the fence about joining the gym, worried that they won't know what to do. Make these the key points of your meeting with the health club manager, and they should understand that this can be a win for both of you.