Lifestyles Technologies, Inc., announced today that it has formally launched the DietMaster Med Weight Management System to the health and fitness market place. This complete weight management solution is being used in Bariatric medicine and family medical practices. The DietMaster Med system captures RMR (resting metabolic rate), body composition data and generates a health assessment report and R.D. designed meal plans and grocery lists within minutes.

The DietMaster Med Weight Management System comes with everything needed to profitably run a successful weight management program. The DietMaster Med system includes a FDA approved metabolic analyzer to measure resting energy expenditure, body fat analyzer to measure body composition, and Lifestyles Technologies DietMaster Pro software, which generates R.D. designed meal plans and grocery lists within minutes.

A DietMaster Med assessment typically begins by performing a RMR test to measure the members's metabolism. Resting metabolic data will provide information to create a personalized menu plan consisting of the correct daily caloric consumption to meet weight control goals. The next step is to perform a body composition test to assess the member's current weight and body fat percentage. Once the RMR and the body composition tests are completed, the DietMaster Pro software will generate R.D. developed meal plans and grocery lists that are specifically balanced to the daily calorie range needed to meet prescribed weight control goals. Meal plans include stable blood sugar, cancer smart, bone health, low cholesterol, low carbohydrate, stroke prevention, general weight loss and more. DietMaster Pro also produces reports to assess progress over time and analyze current eating habits to identify deficiencies and over consumptions in calories, fats, sodium, etc. 
To find out more about the DietMaster Med Weight Management System, contact Lifestyles Technologies, Inc. at 866.286.7677. 

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