Sept. 24 2006 12:00 AM

Change is inevitable and, in fact, beneficial! In keeping up with the fast-paced nature of the wellness and fitness industry, we are proud to launch our new look, including updated logos, as well as our exciting, interactive website. As a tradition, the magazine has continued to remain on the cutting-edge of the health and fitness world. And while our profession is evolving right before our eyes (whether through the integration of the fitness component into everyday health care or the advancing opportunities through technological modes), we are committed in not only keeping pace with all these transformations, but we are also dedicated to setting the industry trends that will change how we all do business.                                 


With this mission, we now offer you our new and improved website, still at, which will provide you with constant news updates, networking opportunities, valuable up-to-date resources, archived articles, directories and more. And now, you can also access, re-read or sign up for all 12 of our jam-packed e-newsletters annually. In addition, we are also proud to connect you with the Personal Trainer Business Alliance (PTBA), the largest knowledge-base of personal training business information provided by the industry's top money-making professionals. Here, too, you will find a vast resource of pertinent articles and boards, moderated by some of the industry's fitness leaders such as Phil Kaplan, Dr. Anthony Abbott, Dr. Chris Mohr, Juan Carlos Santana and others.


Beginning this fall, you can now continue to rely on the magazine, the exciting web resources that are available to you at all times and the monthly e-newsletter, filled with can't-miss information, as well as our exciting events, including the Personal Trainer Business Forum and new and upcoming summits that address the business opportunities for the wellness industry and the profession of personal training! We are dedicated to providing you with the very best, reliable fitness and business information, brought to you by the industry leaders who have proven success paths, ready for you to duplicate.


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