Squat To Press (Exercise of the Week #5)

1. Stand on SBB with feet straight, shoulder width-apart.
2. Keep chest up, shoulders back, and abs engaged.
3. With a dumbbell in each hand, arms down, bend your knees until you are in a seated position.
4. Pushing through the heels, engage your glutes and thrust up with your legs while simultaneously pressing dumbbells over your head
5. Bring the dumbbells back your side as you revert back into a seated position.
6. Repeat for desired amount of repetitions. Tips: Keep a slight bend in the knees when standing on SBB. By using the thrust and engaging the lower body muscles, it will take some of the weight out of your shoulders. Be sure to exhale on the way up. Keep abs fully engaged as you bring the dumbbells over your head to protect any compression of the spine.