Hack Squat to Brazilian Lunge (Exercise of the Week #32)

This variation of the typical hack squat and Brazilian lunge utilizes the Gliding discs for total muscle engagement and increased range of motion. Additionally, Mindy Mylrea incorporates the Bender Ball to provide perfect postural feedback, creating a double dose of lower body integration and a “WOW” move for your workout.

One leg is extended with heel on discs with body in pistol squat position. Start with full range of motion squat then place the Bender Ball either in the hip fold or behind the knee for added depth.

Slide the leg that was forward back into a Brazilian lunge placing the bender ball on the quad. With a straight line from head to heel place the chest on the Bender Ball for added postural cueing and pull back let in and out - straight leg to bent knee. Additional exercises with the Bender Ball and Gliding Discs can be found on www.TabataBootcamp.com