Butt Blaster Leg Complex (Exercise of the Week #28)

As described in Strength Training for Fat Loss, a complex is a series of strength training exercises that are each performed for multiple reps using the same piece of equipment. In this case, the piece of equipment is your own body.

The Butt Blaster Complex consists of the following four bodyweight glute exercises, performed back-to-back:

1) 1-Leg Hip Thrusts: 8-12 per leg
2) Leaning Bulgarian Split Squats: 8-12 per leg
3) Anterior Leaning Lunges (alternating): 16-24 total
4) Anterior lean Scissor Jump: 8-12

The anterior leaning torso brings more of the glutes and hamstring into the game, as opposed to an upright torso position, which is especially important for females who tend to be more quadriceps dominant. The forward leaning torso is more knee-friendly, as well. In general we’ll perform 2-5 sets on this complex with 2-3 minutes rest between sets.

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