Gliding bender ball burpee (Exercise of the Week #24)

    The burpee is one of the best ways to get your heart rate up and your entire body engaged - testing your strength and aerobic capacities. There is a reason they are staples in NFL conditioning, elite military training, and most high intensity fitness programs. They get you going, and they leave you wiped! These exercises have been proven to burn fat and rev your engine by boosting your metabolism, while challenging your chest, arms, thighs, hamstrings, and core.

    Mindy Mylrea puts a twist on the typical burpee by incorporating the Bender Ball and Gliding Discs. Adding these accessories to the standard burpee not only creates more range of motion and ease in the transitions of movement, but her second and third options allow you to add intensity by engaging the entire core complex by working in the transverse plane.