According to a new study based on results form the Boston Area Community Health Study, individuals that suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease have an increased risk for urinary tract problems. The research indicates that this increased risk is due in large part to obesity and unhealthy lifestyles, including poor dietary habits and inactivity.


For the study, researchers evaluated the urological symptoms of 5,506 men and women aged 30 to 70 from diverse backgrounds. Each participant was given a detailed interview about their urological symptoms, medical conditions, psychiatric history, socioeconomic background, height, weight and body fat. After studying the data, researchers found that those participants who were obese, physically inactive or those that suffered from diabetes, heart disease or high blood pressure had more severe, persistent urinary problems.


Hall SA, et al. (2008). Do urological symptoms cluster among women? Results from the Boston Area Community Health Survey. BJU International, 101, 1257-66.