BDI Marketing announced today that the company's Mini Thin Rush family of energy products will offer consumers the perfect alternative to consuming high-sugar, high-carb energy drinks. The announcement was made by Karen Windle-Burcham, President of BDI Marketing.




Designed for people on the go and available in two-ounce liquid shot, gum and capsule formats, Mini Thin Rush products provide six hours of energy without the crash generally associated with other energy drinks. Mini Thin Rush Liquid is a berry-flavored, sugar-free energy drink shot that contains less than one carb per serving; Mini Thin Rush Energy Gum is cinnamon flavored and provides both energy and breath refreshment, while Mini Thin Rush Capsules provide a high-quality energy formula designed especially with the energy drink consumer in mind in a convenient pill form. 




As reported in recent Mintel reports, energy drink sales are on the rise in the US. The energy drink market reached $3.2 billion in sales in 2006, and in the last five-year period, the energy drink category has seen a growth of 516%. Furthermore, it is estimated that there will be a 10.2% sales increase in the category through 2011. Mintel's published market research has been helping leading businesses achieve their goals for over 30 years. As a globally recognized market analyst, Mintel produces some 600 reports into European, UK-specific and US consumer markets every year.




Mini Thin Rush product ingredients include: caffeine, which acts to increase mental alertness, and helps to provide an increase in energy levels; L-Taurine, an important amino acid involved in a large number of metabolic processes in the visual pathways, the brain and nervous system and cardiac function; vitamins B6 and B12, which provide a natural boost of energy; and Niacin, which helps the body use carbohydrates and fat efficiently.




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