So, what's the answer? If you ask 10 fitness professionals, you'll probably get 10 different answers. And guess what, they are all right. There is no magic number when deciding the size of a personal training studio. However, there are a number of factors that come into play when making such a decision. But rest assured, bigger doesn't mean better. Building a profitable studio requires using a combination of variables that, when implemented, correctly lead to producing profitable results and client satisfaction. Now, back to the question posed above. The short answer is yes, you can build a profitable studio within 800 square feet, but it requires some creative thinking, talent and hard work. Qualified personal trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health care professionals have a unique opportunity to be "club/studio owners" with an overhead and start-up investment that some business experts would deem impossible.

            When you start to examine the feasibility of opening your own studio, you'll discover that one of the biggest start-up costs is the equipment you choose. For the past five years, the Personal Trainer Business Forum with Phil Kaplan has featured a special event within the event called, The Studio of the Future. The mission is to showcase a working studio that features equipment and services designed specifically for the personal training industry, while the goal is to show how the right mixture of equipment utilizing the latest in technology, marketability, square footage and other factors help lead to the brass ring of training client satisfaction and facility profitability. Look for the following companies that will be featured in the Studio of the Future where attendees will be encouraged to see, touch and use the equipment during designated times throughout the three-day conference.


The CORE Spinal Fitness Systems by MedX

Differentiate your facility from your competitors by becoming the permanent solution for alleviating back pain with The Core Spinal Fitness System. Now you can generate ongoing revenue with your own Core Spinal Fitness Center in less than 300 square feet. The Core delivers the four factors essential to spinal health strength, stability, flexibility and endurance through a series of five biomechanically precise machines that have been designed, researched and critically proven to isolate and strengthen the lower back, neck and torso muscles. For more info, call 866.814.0719 or visit


Vortex Fitness

Vortex is not your typical exercise equipment company. While other companies replicate, Vortex has been innovating since its inception. From a creative meeting with some of the greatest minds in the personal training industry, Vortex has put the final touches on a groundbreaking piece of equipment, one that will add extreme profitability to any personal training studio regardless of size. Vortex will unveil what very well may be the greatest exercise innovation since the creation of the medicine ball at the Studio of the Future! For more info, call 302.426.0555 or visit


Power Systems

Power Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of fitness, health and sport performance products and programs. Power Systems has been supplying coaches, athletes and fitness experts with a wide assortment of quality training equipment for total athletic development and general fitness. For over 18 years, Power Systems has provided the most current and effective products for core training, yoga, aqua aerobics and kickboxing, strength training, plyometrics, speed development and agility training. For more info, call 800.321.6975 or visit



PowerBlocks are the heaviest, most compact and easiest to use quick-change dumbbells. It is the only dumbbell system that can expand to meet your strength needs. Start with a 45-pound set, expand to 90 pounds and expand again to 130 pounds. Dumbbells are the most versatile and effective exercise tool ever developed for strength training. Now you can have rapid access to a whole rack of dumbbells in the studio or at home in the space of just one pair. For more info, call 800.446.5215 or visit



Turn fitness assessment into a moneymaker for your studio with Polar's BodyAge system. Visit the Studio of the Future to learn how BodyAge can help you revolutionize revenue generation for your studio. Learn how to drive more traffic to your studio, convert this traffic to paying clients and use Polar's BodyAge system and heart rate monitor technology to generate over $100,000 of revenue in the first year. For more info, call 516.364.0400 or visit


Coral Springs Software

QuikStudio was developed for personal training studios and offers

check-in, point-of-sale, member tracking and reporting. Features include countdown activity management, scheduling, inventory control for product sales, marketing and retention tools, such as mail merge, print labels and postcards, and search and filter member records and reports. Our newest feature is the Payroll Calculator, which enables you to calculate all sessions and amounts owed to each trainer. For more info, call 800.827.2567 or visit


Busy Body Gyms To Go

Building a state-of-the-art personal training studio is just a click and ship away. Busy Body/Gyms To Go offers the largest selection of the highest quality brands available in fitness equipment at all price points. Check out the new Precor EFX5.76i Elliptical Fitness Cross Trainer at the Studio of the Future. This unique piece of equipment is ergonomically designed to tone and condition the upper body as well as being able to select various ramp angles to emphasize and cross train quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings and calves. For more info, call 561.723.6536 or visit


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