May 29 2020

Our colleagues share their ideas as we navigate through these unprecedented times

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We asked colleagues around the industry to share their insight on opportunity and possibility in light of the COVID-19 shutdowns and the uncertain future of fitness. Here is what they had to say:

There will be two major types of online programming. The $10-$30/ month programs that contain hundreds, if not thousands, of professionally filmed workouts. Then, there is a second model which is higher priced, but still a fraction of the cost of an in-person, one-on-one personal trainer but provides equal or maybe even better results.
— Dustin Maher, Owner, Transformation Center

We have a golden opportunity here to genuinely bond our communities together and add more value to our clients and followers. If the focus is on company, culture and community, I think a lot of fitness businesses will have more loyal clients and attract more clients with higher quality leads.
Robin Mungall, Owner, Robin Mungall Fitness

This has opened up doors for staff to grow and expand their expertise in areas they weren’t previously comfortable with, allowing our staff to shine and to step-up. It has been an opportunity for everyone to grow, including myself as their leader.
Traci Marie Wagner, General Manager, Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center

I think this unique time is an opportunity for fitness pros to study and/ or practice more emotional health strategies to offer their clients.
Sergio Rojas, Owner, Vitality by Sergio

The need for medical collaboration and integration of fitness and medicine will continue to be more important.
JR Burgess, CEO, HealthOvators

There are short- and long-term opportunities in corporate wellness to offer online programs, virtual seminars and other fitness and wellness offerings for companies to offer their employees.
Lindsay Vastola, Founder, VastPotential Fitness Leadership Development

Among the many opportunities, a few standouts include cheaper paid traffic and higher organic engagement; media/PR opportunities to showcase how your business carries out its mission without needing a physical base; acquisitions and mergers with struggling gyms/studios; and an incredible talent-pool of trainers seeking employment.
Justin Devonshire, Fitness Business Owner, Mentor & Investor

Opens up opportunities for older clientele who may have never been as motivated to embrace technology to now focus on it and receive value from it.
Jesse Jackson, Owner, Inner Strength Fitness

Online opportunities have opened up to collaborate with others in this industry I may have never met in ordinary circumstances.
Anna Woods, Founder, sheSTRENGTH

I think the opportunity to expand your base from 3-5 miles to regionally is one of the biggest opportunities that lies ahead.
Ryan Carver, Founder, Leverage Fitness Solutions

There is the opportunity to reset, recalibrate and to come back stronger and smarter. We can plan for our re-openings and determine the ways to raise the bar in your client’s experience, for example, more thoughtful cleaning practices. Imagine what doing business with you will look like from a nervous client’s point-of-view.
— Farel Hruska, Director of Education and Culture, Chuze Fitness

There is an opportunity to become a necessity for your clientele — not extracurricular.
Jolie Glassman, Founder, South Beach Boxing, 2020 PFP Trainer of the Year