Single leg training is helpful for improving balance, increasing hip stability and eliminating imbalances. This exercise combines a single leg squat with a contralateral row bringing in upper and lower body multi-joint movement patterns.

Execution: Position the arm/handle on a cable column near the floor. Grasp the handle with the right hand while starting in a single leg squat position on the left leg. The spine should be neutral in this start position. Now, extend the left ankle, knee and hip while performing a row with the right arm. The right hip will also drive forward as the trunk become erect.

Pause at the top of the movement, and then slowly return to the start position. Repeat 10 times, and repeat on the other side. Note: the cadence should be deliberate during this exercise, and the weight should be such that it does not impede form or create too much difficulty thereby causing trunk sway or loss of balance.


1. Use less resistance or theraband/tubing

2. Do not extend the the trunk and stay in a single leg squat position during the rowing movement

Application: This exercise will challenge single leg balance and stability, while promoting posterior chain (upper and lower body) strengthening. It also facilitates triple extension on the stance leg, challenges balance, promotes pillar stability and requires mental focus from the client. It is effective for runners, athletes, and people working to resolve asymmetry/imbalances with respect to lower extremity proprioception and dynamic stability.