The thought of using social media to convert potential customers into paying customers was nonexistent just a few years ago. With the popularity of social media platforms continuing to expand, a new demand has been created for businesses that need visual content to set them aside from the rest of the crowd. This means incorporating various forms of digital marketing; ranging from photos to videos and everything in between.

This is great news for the general population, as this demand for video content allows the opportunity to work with businesses to create captivating and unique marketing material. When it comes to creating a video, anyone armed with a cellphone and a computer can produce content. With video editing software included free on most new computers, more people have access to the tools required for creating videos. In addition to this, there is an abundance of tutorials and instructional content online that can simplify the process and walk anyone through the steps for making a video.

Contrary to what most people may think, the best and most experienced filmmakers will preach the fact that expensive camera gear is not the most important factor in creating quality video content. Now that most new cell phones can capture video at 4K resolution, the need for expensive cameras is not necessary when starting out. To effectively market and attract a target audience, a video needs to catch the attention of the viewer. Anyone is capable of simply pressing record on their phone and capturing a moment. But this will only lead to mediocre results. The best videos utilize multiple camera angles and various types of shots to portray their message. This is very important to consider when creating marketing content; as a plain and simple video will not have the ability to draw in customers.

It may seem intimidating to try and sell video services to an established business, but it’s important to keep in mind the value that a promotional video will provide for them. From a video maker’s perspective, their own value lies in their ability to create content that will serve as a means for bringing in more customers. If they can effectively translate this information to a business, then closing a sale for their services will become much easier. Because social media is so popular and so many businesses are now posting content daily, having video content will ensure that they are able to stand out.