Fresh Dining, Southern Californias leading daily purveyor of healthy, calorie-controlled, gourmet meals has teamed with Blue Clay Fitness to offer a landmark program designed to restore new mothers back to their ideal fitness levels. The Fresh Mommy program, which combines an organic, gourmet meal delivery program with world-class fitness training and a broad spectrum of enhancements such as yoga, spa treatments and personal assistance, launches January 1, 2008.


Fresh Mommy delivers a comprehensive program of services to new mothers at precisely the time they need it most: during pregnancy and after childbirth. Each program is designed to increase energy levels, decrease irritability, sharpen mental alertness, increase muscle recovery, improve cholesterol levels, aid in hormone balance, increase milk production, lower insulin levels and lose body fat.


Fresh Mommy is the first program of its kind, designed not only for new or expecting mothers but for any woman who has young children and wants to return to the healthy lifestyle they once lead, said Todd DeMann, Fresh Dining CEO and founder of the Fresh Mommy program. It provides moms an opportunity to immerse themselves in a holistic approach to supreme health, while juggling the many responsibilities of motherhood.


The personal training program, developed by pre/post-natal fitness expert Heather Clay of Blue Clay Fitness, is designed to erase the changes that pregnancy brings to a mothers body. Combining cardio training, weight resistance, stretching and core stability, all fitness training is safe, effective and done in the privacy of the clients homes following a fitness evaluation and upon doctors consent.


The emphasis on individual needs is central to the Fresh Mommy program, added DeMann. Every mothers experience is different. We recognize and honor those differences by allowing our moms to customize the Fresh Dining services to their needs. Fresh Mommy even presents meal options for diabetic moms.


To sign up for Fresh Mommy, call 877.89.FRESH, or visit to learn more and order services.


Launched in 2005 to serve health-conscious people daily throughout Los Angeles with delicious, gourmet diet food, Fresh Dining is now available throughout all of Southern California, including Orange County and San Diego. For more information, visit


Blue Clay Fitness is the exclusive training company for Fresh Mommy, servicing Los Angeles and Orange County. Blue Clay Fitness, the official training company for Curtco Media, publisher of over 16 publications, including The Robb Report magazine, is owned and operated by Andy Clay and partner Rick Hagaman. Heather Clay, Andys wife and former Miss Fitness California, designs all pre/post-natal programs utilized by Blue Clay Fitness.