The Fitness Together Franchise Corporation (FTFC) today announced the release of a six-step plan to better health created by CEO and founder Rick Sikorski. Recently featured on The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch on CNBC, Sikorski revealed his six steps to Holly Cassandra Corbett from


    Sikorski states, "Our country is getting fatter by the day. It is more important than ever that people take control of their health and fitness by utilizing preventative measures, including weight training, cardiovascular training and a sensible diet. But breaking out of a negative cycle is just as critical as diet and exercise."


    The Steps

    1.       Choose a date to break the negative cycle. I will stay down until December 5, or I will stay inactive and eat poorly until Saturday, November 10. Then draw your line in the sand and, on the date, change behavior.

    2.       Write down all the things you feel will stop you or prevent you from succeeding. This is what we call head trash. These would be things like travel, too tired, etc. Then write down a commitment to yourself that these reasons will not be acceptable this time. Take accountability over these reasons. If you fail, it is you who failed, not these outside reasons.

    3.       Hire a personal trainer, or work out with a friend the first several months. People pay a lot of money for clothes, cars and furniture. Pay some money to get your body tuned up.

    4.       Keep a journal. Write down two or three times per week about this journey to a better you. The journal will help you celebrate the good times and get you through the tough times.

    5.       Do not look at exercise and smart eating as an obligation but as a tool to help you feel better. Do not treat it as an option but part of the new you.

    6.       Remember that you are a better parent, spouse, friend, lover, leader, employee, etc. if you carve out time each day or two for you and your new exercise program. Once you get to your date (see step 1), jump in with both feet.

    Established in 1996 in response to the growing demand for personal fitness training, Fitness Together offers the latest in one-on-one personal training. Based in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, Fitness Together is part of the Fitness Together Franchise Corporation, the world's largest wellness organization. Founded by fitness leader Rick Sikorski, FT is built on three main foundations: strong corporate support, proven operating systems and excellent leaders. There are over 380 Fitness Together franchise locations throughout the United States, Costa Rica, Israel, Ireland and Canada, and another 160 are scheduled to open. For additional information, visit or call 877.663.0880, ext. 10.


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