The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has submitted a citizen petition resulting in a public hearing regarding the Food and Drug Administrations (FDA) policies regarding salt (sodium chloride) and sodium in food. The petition requests that the FDA make changes to the regulatory status of salt, require limits on salt in processed foods and require health messages related to salt and sodium. The public hearing is scheduled for November 29.
The science regarding the link between poor health and excessive salt in the diet is alarming to many. According to Michael Jacobson of CSPI, Theres just a growing scientific consensus that current levels of salt in the diet are one of the biggest health threats to the public. But what is a society to do when salt is so very prevalent in the diets we are used to and prefer?
One way is to buy foods in which less sodium salt is used. Lower sodium salt? Sound confusing? Actually, sea salt, like the brand Oceans Flavor, is a natural low sodium choice that many food processing companies are using to provide benefits to their customers. For example, the home delivery premium frozen foods company Schwans is benefiting from the opportunity to offer a healthy choice. The Schwan Food Company is using Ocean's Flavor Sea Salt as one of a variety of technologies to enhance the healthfulness of its products, said Schwans Research and Development Vice President, Bruce Paterson.
Oceans Flavor Sea Salt is a specialty product which is up to 57% lower in sodium than other standard table salt or sea salt. This is due to the companys tight patent-pending restrictions that can optimize the environment's natural ability to produce a salt comprised of lower sodium and great taste while maintaining the ocean's healthy minerals, which are required for a balanced, healthy body.
Over the last two years, Ocean's Flavor has experienced tremendous growth due to the public's demand for lower sodium products, says Alan Fisher, Oceans Flavor President. This need has been further supported by newer and more defined sodium intake guidelines, as set forth by the American Heart Association, American Medical Association and the Center for Science here in the states. Paralleling these new requirements are the new more stringent restrictions in the UK.
Oceans Flavor CEO Alan Kirchner explains that the company works in partnership with premium food processors by providing natural less sodium sea salts that meet today's market and health demands for lower levels of sodium while providing a healthy balance of natures minerals.
Why use a fake chemically-produced salt substitute when you can use a natural environmentally-produced less sodium sea salt? asks Fisher.
In 2003, Al Kirchner and Alan Fisher, co-owners of Ocean's Flavor, had the idea to produce a natural, less sodium sea salt. After searching the world for a suitable location, they came across a sleepy little town in Latin America which possessed the right environment, the ideal climate and the required processing support that would be needed for optimum natural less sodium salt production. In two short years, Ocean's Flavor has become the world's leader in the sale and distribution of natural less sodium sea salts. For more information, please visit