As a leader in fitness education and certification, W.I.T.S. is now offering digital badges for select courses and credentials. Digital Badges are important because they show potential employers, clients, and colleagues how invested you are in your education and your profession. It is also a vital tool in verifying certifications or other specialty skills are kept current. Digital Badges cannot be tampered with or changed other than by the hosting educational organization. By proudly displaying your digital badges in social media venues, you are letting people know that you have successfully completed and maintain the rigorous requirements of a particular course or certification program.

To celebrate the launch of this innovation, W.I.T.S. is awarding digital badges at no extra cost to students who successfully complete the following classes: Youth Fitness Foundations, Youth Practical Review, Group Exercise Foundations, Group Exercise Practical Review, Personal Trainer Foundations, Personal Trainer Practical Review, Older Adult Fitness Foundations and Practical Review. We plan to expand this valuable benefit to all courses that meet the International Association for Continuing Education (IACET) standard for continuing education.

Digital Badges are becoming increasingly recognized in most industries and professions. According to the MacArthur Foundation, use of Digital Badges is expanding nationwide, and over the next three years one million K-12 and college students and one million workers will be able to use Digital Badges to advance their academic progress or further their career goals by being able to demonstrate acquired skills and learning. W.I.T.S. has always been a leader and innovator in the fitness industry; and wants to ensure that our students and graduates continue to acquire valuable training and credentials.

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Please visit the W.I.T.S. website to learn about W.I.T.S. badges and to sign up for badge-earning courses.