Once a year, thousands of Police, Fire, EMS and other first responders participate in Annual 911 Fitness Challenges. Benefits include improved health, fitness, productivity, efficiency, reduced absenteeism, reduced injuries and increases in morale. Benefits also include money raised for the Shriners Hospitals for Children. These Hospitals provide free surgeries, therapies and equipment for children with brain, spinal and severe burn injuries. The 911 Fitness Challenge has raised thousands to support the Shriners Hospital for past nine years.


The Challenge is an international event, including the USA and Canada. Participants must go to a Weigh-In location to have their body fat measured by a certified fitness trainer. In the past, weigh-in locations were hosted by national health clubs including Ballys Fitness, Golds Gym and others. This year, we at 911 Fitness want to bring the weigh-ins to Personal Trainer Studios. These studios will have an opportunity to showcase their facility, features and services to the Challenge participants.


If youre looking for media coverage, this event is a media magnet. Here is a great way to demonstrate your community involvement. 911 responders are a loyal, conservative population who prefer to use familiar vendors and do not like to change. This is a great opportunity for you interact with them by hosting the pre- and post-weigh-ins at your studio. This gives you time to develop rapport with them, demonstrate how thorough you are in your fitness practice and begin to close deals for future sessions and other profit making opportunities.


I welcome you to join the 911 Fitness Challenge by offering your studio and your personnel to measure and weigh the body fat of the 911 responder participants in your community. If youre interested in being an official 911 Fitness Challenge Weigh-In Location, please complete the Trainer Hero Application at www.911Fitness.com and select Fitness Challenge. You will see the Trainer Hero Directory, and at the bottom, you will find a sign indicating Application. Indicate the city you wish to host, and we will insert your company name, address and phone number in our new, growing directory.


Your contribution of time, expertise and location is limited to one day (three hours) in January and one (three hours) in April. You will be entitled to CEUs and appreciation certificates. Please join us!


For more information, contact Jim Sayih at 305.297.5328 or visit www.911Fitness.com.


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