Kim's Notables:

I am the owner of Xtreme Transformations, a 2,400 square foot fitness center in Buford, Georgia, where I serve as a personal trainer to clients aging from 10 to 75 years of age, putting special concern on helping clients overcome obesity. Since the facility's founding in 2004, I have helped 300 clients achieve their goals, and I have taught group training classes for corporations in the Atlanta area. I also write for a local newspaper and will be giving fitness tips on Living Life With Style [a Winder, Georgia-based television show] hosted by BB Webb that showcases personal trainers as well as artists, musicians and more.

Certifications & Education:

ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer; certified LES MILLS BodyPump instructor; NESTA Certified Fitness Nutrition Coach; MBA from Keller Graduate School.

Kim on Childhood Obesity:

Children and obesity have been forgotten. There need to be more methods put in place for children and for educating their parents about the obesity epidemic in children. There are 31 states in our nation that meet the obesity level, and no states declined in their obesity rating this year, leaving a lot of work for us trainers to do.

A Focus on Nutrition:

Nutrition is half the battle! Most people don't realize that calories are very important, and they don't have a firm understanding of where they are getting their calories from, whether these calories have a high or low nutrient quality or how many grams of sugar they are consuming per day.

Her Future Goals:

In three to five years, I plan to see myself continuing to change people's lives by helping them achieve their fitness goals. I want to get the message out there that leading a healthy and fit lifestyle is important. I would like to make the fitness industry more well-rounded by shifting the focus from how many reps a person can do to making sure one's nutrition is on track. Also, collaborating with a nutritionist gives me more credibility as a fitness professional and allows me to help the clients achieve their goals faster.


What is your average annual income for your fitness-related work/business?