Harbinger recently launched its new interactive website as part of a comprehensive re-branding program that includes the fitness manufacturer's 70+ sku retail packaging program, exercise programming and consumer and fitness trade communications.

"Our re-branding program builds on Harbinger's 20+ year leadership position in fitness. We've evolved our iconic Shield/Cross mark and accompanying color palette, in to a contemporary look that appeals to our broad consumer audience," stated Chanin Cook, Director of Marketing for Harbinger. "Harbinger's packaging and online communications clearly establishes our brand presence at retail and in the worldwide fitness market."

With the new website, Harbinger has enhanced interaction with consumers. Example -- Harbinger added an archived "review" database for each product to encourage users to leave comments, and offer potential customers "real person" reviews of Harbinger products. The company is also launching original exercise programming with video workouts now available for Harbinger's PowerAmp XXX resistance cables, PowerAmp XXX 8s and Balance Trainer. Within the new Harbinger website, users can cruise through all product lines; read the Harbinger history and story (starting in founder's garage); follow Harbinger's blog and tweets; and find the most convenient location to purchase Harbinger products, both in-store and online.

"Our new website brings consumers what they expect from Harbinger -- quality and innovation. The website reflects our passion for creating products and programming that are proven to really work in training centers worldwide. And our website will evolve as Harbinger continues to launch new products and programming in the months to come," says Cook.

Harbinger was founded in 1988 with the patented WristWrap design, the most powerful wrist support system ever built into a glove. Today, the company produces a full range of innovative, high-quality training gear including: gloves, belts, straps, wraps, jump ropes, resistance cables, balance trainers and mats. Harbinger is distributed worldwide via sporting goods retailers, specialty fitness stores, training gyms and health clubs. For additional information, visit www.harbingerfitness.com