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June 2 2012 12:00 AM

KettleBell Concepts (KBC) is partnering with the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) to offer a kettlebell program specifically designed for personal trainers. Beginning June 2012, NASM and KBC will offer 6 live sessions in various locations around the United States. The 1-day, 8-hour training will provide trainers with basic skills needed to safely and effectively get clients started with kettlebell training.

"KettleBell Concepts is absolutely the 'go-to' program for credentialed; currently practicing fitness professionals who wish to add kettlebells to their knowledge base. Kettlebells like yoga, Pilates and martial arts are not learned in a day or a weekend. It's a lifelong study and we're proud to be partnered with an organization like KettleBell Concepts who understands this and offers their knowledge of this ancient old practice to our nation's top personal trainers," says David Pettrone Swalve, Vice President of Education at NASM. "The fitness industry is growing exponentially and this program will add an entirely new aspect to the personal training, or small group personal training experience."

"Because the kettlebell is a simple looking tool, some trainers feel they can 'learn' it by watching a DVD, watching YouTube, or something silly like that. It's mind boggling sometimes! Someone wouldn't put a client on a Pilates Reformer for example without extensive training, but because the kettlebell isn't nearly as complicated-looking, some end up taking shortcuts. Those who don't care to learn the 'why's' behind the 'how's' are not only being lazy, but can -- in a worst case scenario -- injure their client. Partnering with NASM helps frame the practice of kettlebells into a larger thought process and helps trainers understand that this tool (along with anything else for that matter) can't be taught in a vacuum. It must be taught as part of a larger, greater thought process," says David Ganulin, chief executive officer of KettleBell Concepts. "Only then can kettlebells be implemented properly, safely, and effectively to help the client reach their overall fitness goals."