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July 18 2007 12:00 AM

NFPT 1st to Offer FREE CECs May 2007

NFPT offers free required ongoing education. NFPT protocols allow certified members to maintain their accredited NFPT-CPT through web-based study and secure online examinations. Ongoing education requirements for other accredited certifying agencies can be time consuming, inconvenient, and very expensive. NFPTs continuing education requirement policies and protocols offer a level of accountability worthy of the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) strict compliance requirements. NFPT certified members still have the option of pursuing any alternative CEC courses they desire when reviewed and approved. Consider that it is by far more expensive to maintain a certification than to initially become certified.


NFPT announces reduced rate certification for ALL health club staff members May 2007

ALL health club staff members now have the opportunity to earn a National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) accredited NFPT-CPT certification credential at a considerable savings! National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT), now prides itself in making credibility more affordable to ALL health club employed personal trainers. For more information speak to an NFPT account representative today at: 1.800.729.6378. The reduced rate enrollment opportunity is also currently available on the web at


NFPT announces in-house NFPT-CPT certification exam proctoring May 2007

National Federation of Professional Trainers (NFPT) exam proctoring protocols have been uniquely structured allowing for the actual examinations to be administered at the health club in which the trainer(s) is employed. No traveling, trainer scheduling changes, business interruptions, etc. For more information speak to an NFPT account representative today at: 1.800.729.6378.


NFPT Releases NEW NFPT-CPT Study Guide - May 2007

NFPT releases new CPT Study Guide to better assist candidates in preparing for the *NCCA Accredited NFPT-CPT exam. This Study Guide will improve candidate comprehension of the NFPT Study & Reference Manual. Included in this Study Guide are a structured 8 week preparation timeline, extensive chapter outlines, comprehensive illustrations, 320 practice questions, program design and pre-exercise assessment scenarios, and more. In keeping with our Free Education Directive, this Study Guide is offered free from the NFPT website, or ordered in hard-copy at cost directly from NFPT.


NFPT FREE Personal Trainer Education Directive May 2007

In keeping with NFPTs free education directive, ALL of NFPT education course materials can be downloaded free of charge from or ordered at cost from NFPT directly. These course materials assist the candidate in preparing for the *NCCA Accredited NFPT-CPT; Sports Nutrition Specialist; Resistance Training Specialist; Endurance Training Specialist; Master Trainer. The free education directive permits the candidate to review educational content even in advance of course enrollment. Candidates can preview required NFPT knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) for successful course completion. 


National Federation of Professional Trainers has been credentialing personal trainers since 1988, and has certified thousands of fitness professionals. NFPT-CPT received its NCCA Accreditation in November, 2005, along side the leading certifying agencies in the industry. Of the few truly recognized certifying agencies, NFPT is the ONLY agency to provide its candidates with FREE education access in preparation for testing for ALL Certifications and Specialty credentials. Many NFPT members report that NFPT has provided them with the most comprehensive and applicable education available compared to other agencies. NFPT takes pride in offering the best in customer service to both its candidates and members. For more information call: 800.SAY.NFPT (800-729-6378). Or, visit NFPT on the web at:


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