Too many businesses overpromise and underdeliver, but to me, overdelivering is "business as usual." When I take on a client, I tell them what to expect -- we determine their goals and agree on a plan. The key is to build a unique relationship with every client. The more you increase the value of the relationship, the higher the client's satisfaction will be. With caring and kindness, you can and will ensure their success.

Here are client testimonials that display what I'm referring to: 

"Greg never brings his personal issues to the sessions ... but he does concentrate on my issues. For me, it is so much more than body sculpting ... I feel healthy and invigorated, and always feel better when I leave than when I arrived."

"Greg is very easy to work with, easy to understand and genuinely caring about his customers. Without prying into their lives he is willing to help in any way possible to assist them in meeting their fitness goals. He is energetic and always happy to be with you in your workout endeavors. He is a joy!"

Find out what obstacles your clients face when working out or trying to eat right, and then teach them how to overcome those obstacles. Smile when you see them and greet them by name as soon as they walk in the door. Pay attention to what your clients need each and every time they come to see you. Little changes in their lives or minor aches and pains give you the perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you care by adapting your training techniques or methods of encouragement.

Don't waste time in your sessions with clients. They know what they're paying for and you need to deliver. Don't show indifference in any way. If they are frustrated and doubtful of achieving their goals, remind them of how much they've already achieved. Celebrate their accomplishments. Taking note of these things IS your job, and implementing a system to record achievements so they're at hand when needed is a must.

Don't bring your personal issues to the session -- but don't expect your clients to follow the same practice. The link between body and mind means that your client's state of mind is your business, too. Listen to what they have to say, relate it to their goals and show them how your services can help.

Educate your clients; work with their doctors, share information that fits your client's needs. Show them that their success means something to you. They may even give you a testimonial to use. When you treat your clients like friends and provide a great experience for them, you increase client retention, profitability and client achievement. Best of all, you have the rare opportunity to make money by improving lives.

Topic: Client Attainment/Retention

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