"Our practice is all about helping create a habit in people's lifestyles that contributes to a lifetime of wellness — for the entire family."

BS in Human Biology and DC, Northwestern College of Chiropractic; BS in Exercise Science, Iowa State University; DC, Northwestern College of Chiropractic (respectively)

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Ultimately, what our practice is all about is helping to create a habit in people's lifestyles that contributes to a lifetime of wellness — for the entire family. We approach wellness with a three E-rule, which is education, empower and entertain. Patients or practice members, as we prefer to call them, have a choice in participating in a self-directed program, where we handle the adjustments and teach classes on physical, bio-chemical and psychologically stressors in their life, and then we meet in progress exams to help them apply those changes in their life. Or, we offer our coach-directed program, where we custom-build a 15-week program in each dimension of the stressors in their life.

Dr. Cox & Dr. Behn on transitioning into wellness:
We started out with mainly our chiropractic office, meaning just adjustments only. But we have always incorporated an integrated approach in wellness from the beginning. However, we added the coach-directed program [or The Training Wellness System by Dr. Patrick Gentempo, founder of Chiropractic Leadership Alliance] later, simply because we just couldn't duplicate it ourselves.

Dr. Cox & Dr. Behn on marketing their wellness center:
The marketing side of our practice has been somewhat of a challenge. The marketplace still doesn't understand what wellness is. So it takes a lot of education on our part, and at this point, we're still in the brand-building stage so people can understand what it is we actually do. It is mainly through word-of-mouth and being out in the community educating people on what we do, that is beginning to educate people what wellness is really about — one person at a time.


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