There was the South Beach Diet, Atkins, Sonoma, Cabbage Soup and even the Buddah Diet. There is the Fennagold, Grapefruit Diet and Herbalife. Now there is a diet coming out of France, The Dukan Diet, that is all the newest rage.

The Dukan method proposes a healthy eating plan that returns to the foods which founded the human species, those eaten by primitive man, the hunter-gatherers, proteins and vegetables, 100 foods including 72 from the animal world and 28 from the plant world. This offer also features the magic words: As Much As You Like.

The Diet's website claims that the French medical establishment, in common with all Western countries, feels helpless faced with the steady rise in obesity that the WHO (World Health Organisation) describes as the first non-infectious epidemic. Medicines to treat it are rare and of limited use, sufferers try diet after diet demonstrating the absence of consensus on any effective method.

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