Knoxville, TN – March 9, 2011 Power Systems, Inc. announces the retirement of Julie Pauletto, President, after 25 years of service to and leadership of the organization. 

Julie and her husband, Bruno Pauletto,took a leap of faith and started the company in 1986. Power Systems was initially started to market training videos to coaches and operated as a small business out of their home. While Bruno maintained his job as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Tennessee, Julie managed all aspects of the business. Under Julie’s leadership, Power Systems grew steadily and moved from a small home business into an industry leading fitness and sports performance products distributor.

“During orientation new employees are told how the company started in a closet at the Pauletto’s home twenty-five years ago,” said COO Mike Akers. “They are taken through the transition from that humble start through the present day and the new 200,000 square foot facility we now call home. It sounds so romantic, so rags to riches … is truly a Cinderella story. But often stories have a side to them that no one sees, and that is true of Julie and Power Systems.”

Today, Power Systems is a national leader in the sports performance and fitness accessory product market as a result of the dedication and sacrifices made by Julie. From the first phone calls to the first catalog, Julie has had an impact on the direction of the company. Her many roles within the Power Systems over her 25 years of service have placed her high standards on every aspect of the business, which has been recognized with a variety of awards including the Tennessee Center for Performance Achievement Award, a 3-time winner of the fitness industry NOVA 7 award for Best Specialty Equipment Supplier, and selected as one of the 25 Best Employers in Tennessee by Business Tennessee magazine.

“Had it not have been for what Julie did for twenty-five years, but particularly what she did in those early years,” stated Bruno Pauletto, CEO, “there wouldn’t be a Power Systems for all of us to continue working for and the industry would have been deprived of the best company in the industry…..that she was instrumental in making that a reality.”

Julie will continue her work with manycharities and local organizations she supports including the Boys and GirlsClub and Habitat for Humanity as well as other personal interests.


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