The Personal Trainer Listing Service website, will be donating 50% of every trainer listing dollar directly to Marines serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.


Dan Gaita, President of the personal trainer listing service and also a former Marine who served in operations in Bosnia, Somalia, and Haiti from 1992-1996 States that Many of my fellow Marines are still serving our country and some of them are in the middle of their 4th, 5th, and 6th tours of Duty in Iraq. I am sure most of us know someone who is sacrificing their life to protect ours. I wanted to use our network to get the troops some much needed additional food, supplements, and support from home.


It is our individual responsibility to do something, not just talk about it as the press and politicians are. To do this, Personal trainer listing service will be donating half of every trainer listing dollar to the Marines serving in Iraq.


This will be a direct donation in the form of food and supplies as directly requested from the troops. Donations will not go through any type of charity organization or other third party where proceeds are taken from the top. Each dollar raised will go directly to the store to purchase the supplies, to the post office to ship them out, and to the troops.


Additionally, every trainer that gets listed during this campaign will have his/her name and photo displayed as a troop supporter on the trainer listing site.


Feel free to contact Dan directly with any questions, comments, or other ideas to help our troops.