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March 15 2010 12:00 AM

Today’s brides are using their upcoming nuptials as a source of inspiration to get their curves corralled and set their future down a healthy path.
There’s an endless amount of information available to help brides lose weight, tone their arms, trim their waistlines and more, including dangerous crash diets and last-minute sweat fests. The exercise experts at Life Fitness outlined this healthy and realistic fitness timeline for the modern, beautiful bride.

6 months out: Dedicate one hour, three times per week for exercise. Divide your time into 20 minutes of high-intensity cardio, 30 minutes of strength training and 10 minutes of stretching to start. Once you’ve developed a steady schedule, target your toughest areas be it bicep curls and tricep presses for your strapless gown or bicycle crunches for your tight bodice with more repetitions and weight.

3 months and counting: As anxiety ramps up before the wedding, seek comfort among friends. Bridal boot camps and other wedding-focused fitness classes can bring you side-by-side with women experiencing similar stresses. Or, try group personal training with other brides-to-be you know. This fresh take on your workouts will present your body with new challenges and a physique to match.

1 month to go: Don’t let last-minute wedding activities derail your routine. You’ll need it more than ever to burn off those pre-event jitters. If time is just too hard to come by, focus on doing a shorter, high-powered version of your regular routine – intense cardio for 10 minutes and heavier weights for strength training.

The big day: Enjoy your better body and glowing energy. You worked hard to get here!
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