Coaches and fitness professionals often have trouble teaching athletes nutrition habits for optimal performance. The upcoming Sport Nutrition for Coaches (Human Kinetics, June 2009) solves that problem. In it, sport nutrition expert Leslie Bonci offers coaches, personal trainers, and fitness specialists an easy-to-understand guide written specifically for people with no previous experience with sport nutrition.

The book provides the basics on nutrition and teaches coaches how to recognize unhealthy eating habits and create a balanced nutrition plan for their sport teams. "Many athletes focus more on what to eat than on the timing and quantity of intake," Bonci notes. "Another concern involves abnormal or harmful eating behaviors and weight issues. These can destroy team dynamics, carry serious health consequences, and impair performance."

Bonci offers information on proper nutrients, hydration, supplements, and overall diet, as well as eating schedules for competitive events and eating to reduce body fat or build muscle. She also includes tips on training athletes with unique circumstances, including those who follow vegan diets or have eating disorders.

Sport Nutrition for Coaches is unlike any other book on the market, offering coaches the resources to create personalized nutrition plans, including a Coach's Notebook that features customizable tables and forms.

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