As the health-conscious consumer becomes focused on more than just getting well and, rather, is more interested in maintaining wellness and fitness, the presence of Pilates is becoming a real force in the wellness and fitness business. Due to its innate ability to transcend demographics and age, incorporating Pilates into the fitness facility can attract your entire client base. Moreover, whether as an added offering or a standalone service, Pilates has broad appeal and, therefore, can also be integrated into your group exercise programs. As a part of this growing wellness and fitness trend, Peak Pilates, a leader in innovative Pilates solutions, introduces its latest innovation the new MVe Complete Workout System. Unlike anything available at wellness centers, clubs or Pilates studios today, this new system launches the MVe Fitness Chair, a re-imagined breed of Pilates equipment that is set in a high energy, group-class format equipped with instructor training and programming.

A Turnkey Solution

The MVe Fitness Chair is an integration of multi-level resistance and stackable design with a modest footprint weighing just over 30 pounds. It requires no dedicated space but fuels more than 100 exercises. The multi-level resistance settings allow instructors to modify classes for varying abilities or specialty sports programs. Key features and benefits of the MVe Fitness Chair include:

  • Stack four-high in the same footprint
  • At just over 30 pounds, it is easy to move and stack
  • Four resistance levels challenge all abilities and enable you to shift intensity to modify or advance exercises
  • Patented spring changing system makes shifting resistance fast and fluid
  • Open frame expands range of motion and enables innovative movements not able to be performed on traditional chairs
  • Anodized aluminum design has "wow" stopping power

Approach for Long-Term Participation

Pilates provides followers with an attainable lifestyle based on health, wellness, strength and flexibility. It is, in essence, a relationship with a practice that breeds a long-term commitment. The MVe Fitness Chair gives users the ability to experience that lifestyle change in a non-intimidating and familiar format, requiring no up-front commitment. Therefore, it's a win-win to promote member health and facility profits.

Meeting the Needs of All Facilities

The MVe Complete Workout System also builds upon the popular fitness trends predicted in a 2006 study released by the American Council on Exercise. It combines balance training, sports-specific training and core training in a group fitness environment. Thus, fitness facilities can offer an infinite mix of these types of classes with a minimal investment in instruction time and no dedicated space. The Complete Workout System is designed to demystify teaching Pilates, so any trainer can teach MVe classes.

The MVe Fitness Chair is a complete turn-key solution with cost-effective instruction, education and programming. The complete package includes: instructor education tools, including on-site and off-site workshops, educational manual and DVD, virtual audio trainer and music CDs and marketing tool kit. Follow-along workout DVDs and cue cards, detailing pre-programmed classes, are also available.

Peak Pilates, founded in 1996, provides innovative Pilates solutions. Based in Boulder, Colorado, Peak Pilates distributes worldwide. For more information, visit