book review
Jan. 2 2015
The third edition of Training for Speed, Agility, & Quickness has been recently released with even more tests, drills, education and programming information contributed by experts and edited by Lee E.... View More
book review
Dec. 2 2014
JimStoppani, PhD, has released the second edition of his Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength. As the title indicates, "encyclopedia" pretty much sums it up: thebook spans over 550 pages covering 381 exercises,... View More
book review
Nov. 2 2014
As Dan Trink highlights in the introduction of his new book, High-Intensity 300, there are few things in fitness that are more controversial than high-intensity training (HIT). While there are seemingly... View More
book review
Oct. 2 2014
Dan Kennedy is a legend in the realm of sales, copyrighting, marketing and business strategy. While the first edition of The Ultimate Sales Letter is well over 20 years old, it was the first book my business... View More
book review
Sept. 2 2014
Jeff Horowitz perfectly positions his book, "Quick Strength for Runners" in the first sentence of his introduction: "Let's start with a bit of honesty: Not all runners love strength training." Horowitz... View More
marketing honest
Dec. 2 2013
Here is a unique perspective on the perception of much of the fitness industry from Jennifer Ritchie, wife of Dan Ritchie, 2014 PFP Trainer of the Year.Have you been in a situation where you feel totally... View More
Oct. 12 2012
Valorie Ness was chosen from more than 600 highly-qualified professionals to be the 2013 PFP Trainer of the Year.Valorie is the CEO of the award-winning Catalyst Fitness Midtown, a 15,000 square foot facility... View More
Aug. 23 2012
PFP is excited to announce the Top 10 finalists for the 2013 Trainer of the Year, scheduled to be announced at Club Industry 2012 … Valorie Ness Valorie is the CEO of the award-winning Catalyst... View More
Aug. 3 2011
Whether our client is a novice exerciser or Ironman athlete, as fitness professionals, it is our obligation to educate our clients about the critical importance of rest and recovery for optimal performance.... View More
July 6 2011
In the spirit ofour next issue's focus of building your business, The Go-Giver should be on the bookshelf of all who aspire toachieve any level of success in business and personal growth. The book iswritten... View More
June 8 2011
As fitness professionals, we are continually faced withsimilar concerns among our female clientele. They don't want to "bulk up,"they want to "tone" and "lengthen" their muscles, longcardio is the only... View More
May 4 2011
This comprehensive guide to avoiding andovercoming running injuries is a must for all fitness professionals who traindistance runners. Beginning with healthy training practices, Running Doc'sGuide to Healthy... View More
April 6 2011
A compilation of wisdom from some oftoday's leading fitness professionals, Total Body Breakthroughs is a fun readto not only get you pumped up about training, but also to lend new tips, ideas,and strategies... View More
March 9 2011
It isn't uncommon for fitness professionals to blend a variety of fitness modalities into a workout -- throwing in a bit of yoga at the end of a cardio or strength session is a good example. However, sprinkling... View More
Feb. 9 2011
Much more than the outdated idea of water aerobics, Water Fitness Lesson Plans and Choreography proves that functional training can take place in the pool as well. If you take individual clients or groups... View More
Jan. 5 2011
Calling itself The Pilates Bible sets the bar high, but this book lives up to its title. It is a comprehensive detailing of Pilates, from fundamentals on the mat to advanced exercises on Pilates-specific... View More
Dec. 8 2010
If you need some inspiration on ab exercises to integrate into your client's workout, look no further. Abs Revealed is a full-color, full-picture guide to helping your client create the six-pack to keep... View More
Nov. 11 2010
Whether you buy The Impact Body Plan for a client or for yourself, it is a must have. Author Todd Durkin is well on his way to becoming a legend in this industry, and you'll see why once you read this... View More
Oct. 13 2010
For those with triathlon or cycling clients, this a great book to recommend or keep in your arsenal. The Time-Crunched Cyclist, written by Lance Armstrong's personal cycling coach Chris Carmichael, offers... View More
Sept. 8 2010 Another great book by Velopress,One-Hour Workouts is a tremendous tool for trainers. With a bike, run or swim workout on each page, trainers can pull expert workouts for endurance... View More


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