Archer push-up

Begin in a quadruped position with the hands on the Core Flytes and beneath the shoulders. Next, slowly slide the right hand away from the boy in a 45 degree angle while simultaneously moving into a push-up position on the left side. Extend the right hand as far as you can while maintaining control of each Core Flyte and not collapsing to the ground.

Once you reach the edge of your available range of motion, pull the right hand back toward the start position while pushing up with the left arm. Repeat this sequence 10 times and then switch sides. Perform 2-3 sets, and increase reps as indicated.

Be cautious with form and do not allow the spine to hyperextend or excessively rotate during the movement as this creates undue stress on the back. In the presence of any active shoulder pain or instability, use caution with this motion and move very deliberately initially and in small increments to ensure proper form and control.