Side lying t-spine roll

Begin in a side lying position with the down leg straight and in line with the body. Position the arms so that the shoulders are at 90 degrees of flexion, elbows are straight and palms together. Be sure to support the head and neck in an effort to keep the cervical spine in neutral alignment. Finally, flex the top hip and knee to 90 degrees allowing the inner and distal thigh to rest on the foam roller.

Now, press the top leg into the foam roller as you slowly separate the top arm from the bottom arm and rotate away from the floor. Allow the head/eyes to track and follow the moving arm. Continue pressing the top thigh into the roller and rotate the torso until a moderate stretch is felt. Hold for 2-3 seconds and then slowly return to the start position. Perform 5-10 repetitions on each side. For additional stabilization, the trainer may opt to knee behind the client and prevent any pelvic rotation and movement in the lumbar spine. Clients should not experience any pain or push too vigorously through restrictions.