Landmine torso rotation press

Poor hip, trunk and shoulder stability elevates injury risk with daily activities and sport. This movement introduces controlled hip extension, torso rotation and shoulder elevation, while aiming to improve pillar strength and stability.

Once the Olympic bar is secured in the landmine, place the handle bar on the bar. It is best to start with the bar alone initially if the client has never used it before or choose a very light load that the client can safely handle. Lift the bar and handle bar off the floor and position them so that you are facing the landmine with the knees slightly bent, feet shoulder width apart and the arms in the down position.

Next, slowly press the handle bar upward and to the left fully extending the right arm. The left arm will remain bent to a certain degree allowing for trunk rotation to the left. Pause, and then return to the start position. Perform 5-8 repetitions to the left, and then repeat the same motion to the right side. The goal is also to maintain stability and control of the bar while keeping the feet on the ground.