Sept. 1 2012
When I started my fitness career as a personal trainer, I scoffed when clients told me they had great workouts from yoga. The majority of my clients' goals were LGN -- "look-good-naked." With that... View More
July 1 2012
Often associated with explosive activities of performance training for athletes, functional training is much more than just hammering out kettlebell swings and flipping gigantic truck tires.It's best defined... View More
June 1 2012
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2012-13 Edition, "Employment of fitness trainers and instructors is expected to grow by 24 percent from 2010 to 2020, faster than... View More
Jan. 10 2012
Most of us get our start in the fitness industry the same way. We are hard-studying kinesiology students in college trying to earn some extra money on the side by filling our schedules with a few clients... View More
Dec. 9 2011
In the midst of a busy day in the certified personal training business we often get caught up in our daily demands -- setting up equipment, writing and instructing workout programs, renewing dues,... View More
Oct. 31 2011
The certified personal training (CPT) business has many perks. We get to select our own work schedules, pick and choose which clients we want to work with, most of us are allowed to charge our own rates... View More
Oct. 11 2011
While walking from my office to the front desk to meet my new client for her initial consultation I wonder what kind of energy she is going to give off. In the past I've had some wonderful consultations... View More
Sept. 13 2011
Every year I attend two or three large fitness-related conferences to further my education, network with other professionals, and to recharge my batteries by getting away from the daily grind of training... View More
Aug. 2 2011
Two years ago, I had the opportunity to attend a continuededucation clinic ("From Counting Reps to Counting Revenue") taught bytwo of the most successful fitness professionals in our business. AlwynCosgrove... View More
Aug. 1 2011
TheNational Federation of Professional Trainers has been certifying fitnessprofessionalssince 1988 and offers an accredited Certified Personal Trainer(CPT)credential. NFPT's education material provides... View More
July 28 2011
Champaign, IL--Increasing muscle mass may be one of the toughest goals for weightlifters to achieve, but highly regarded strength training authority Nick Evans is making it easy to succeed. His new iPhone... View More
June 14 2011
From weekend warriors to tomorrow’s Olympians, the pros gather to discuss current applications for strength and conditioning training Coaches and others to explore special training considerations... View More
June 7 2011
DALLAS, June 6, 2011 – The National Athletic Trainers’ Association, a nonprofit organization representing and supporting members of the athletic training profession, will induct nine individuals... View More
June 3 2011
Everytwo or three years we, as certified personal trainers, are required to earn a predeterminednumber of continued education units (CEU) to maintain our certification status.Every recertification period... View More
Jan. 31 2011
In a survey of personal training clients, higher education ranked first (over experience) as the most sought after trait in a personal trainer. Earning continued education units (CEU) is required to maintain... View More
June 9 2010
I don't think any serious long-term trainer is without at least one of the Strength Training Anatomy books in his or her library. Built on the reputation of eye-popping illustrations of the human muscular... View More
May 27 2010
Determining whether or not degrees and certifications truly make you a more effective trainer By Mark Roozen Trainers are often proud to let people know about their degrees, their certifications, their... View More
May 5 2010
With new and expanded information, extensive updates, and the most current research and best practices, Aquatic Fitness Professional Manual, Sixth Edition (Human Kinetics, 2010), is sure to make waves... View More
May 4 2010
Climbs and descents make or break cycling races, according to cycling coach Robert Panzera. In his upcoming book, Cycling Fast (Human Kinetics, June 2010), Panzera covers hills and all elements that can... View More
April 29 2010
The decision to start a weight training program is based on an end goal. So training without purpose is like looking for buried treasure without a map--your likelihood of success is slim. Since each person... View More