Feb. 12 2010
As personal trainers, our jobs for the most part are brain-dead simple. Sure, we studied, we have certifications, and many of us went to college to learn what we know, but here’s the irony: We rarely... View More
Jan. 8 2010
If you're into fitness, the rules are in your favor. For several decades, six-figures has been and remains the holy grail for success and achievement; however, the majority of people never hit that level... View More
Dec. 9 2009
Yourtraining practice doesn't turn into a real business until you're managingemployees, in my opinion. It's when you're attending to the priority of growingyour business and your employees are doing everything... View More
Nov. 4 2009
It's usually only magicians that are thought to be able to create something out of nothing, but personal trainers can do it, too. And that something we create out of nothing are our personal training sessions.... View More
Oct. 7 2009
It's clear that personal training is a career, but does everyone view it that way? I'm not sure, because at least from my experience, the career progression for a trainer in the fitness industry wasn't... View More
Sept. 29 2009
You literally cannot take the “personal” out of personal training. Working with clients hands-on, watching over them and even getting a little sweat on you at times is ingrained in the job... View More
Sept. 9 2009
For an independent trainer, especially one just starting out, using the web is one of the best ways to find new training clients. The people that need training the most are usually the ones that spend... View More
Aug. 5 2009
If my history serves me correctly, personal training and personal computers both became mainstream at about the same time, somewhere in the mid-1980s. You can call it coincidence if you want, but ever... View More
July 8 2009
Here's the number-one thing I love about being in the fitness industry: You can set up your fitness business any way you want, and no one will stop you. For some trainers that might mean having a... View More
June 10 2009
Have you ever wondered what separates the winners from the losers in the fitness industry? It's got to be something because salaries for full-time trainers range everywhere from less than $30,000 to over... View More
June 8 2009
Nearly two out of three Americans are overweight, and many are more than 100 pounds heavier than normal for their height. When a person has 100 pounds or more to lose, it may be a struggle to get them... View More
May 26 2009
They always say you shouldn't go into personal training for the money, but I think the reality is that most of us do. And why not? If you're an independent trainer that's booked solid at the industry average,... View More
May 20 2009
In the term "personal training", I think the word that gets lost a lot of times is personal. The personal dimension to what we do is very, very important. And this doesn't go only for the contact we have... View More
April 27 2009
Kaiser Serajuddin, a frequent PFP columnist/writer and personal trainer, recently got up close and personal about the state of the fitness industry with PFP Editor Shelby Murphy.Listen, learn and let... View More
April 15 2009
Getting clients is a lot like bird-hunting. Any bird hunter will tell you that even if you know how to get the birds, you still need a "bird-dog" to bring them to you. A "bird-dog" is also a way to describe... View More
March 5 2009
No matter what your neighborhood or part of the country or world you live in, there are definitely many luxury residences in your area. These are buildings or complexes that are home to large numbers of... View More
Dec. 30 2008
At my barbershop recently, I observed an interesting phenomenon. All the barbers there will cut the hair of anybody that walks through the door. Every new customer is an adventure in haircutting for them,... View More
Dec. 30 2008
Missed part one? [Click here] to read it! In your quest to choose a specialty, you need to ask yourself a few questions: �  
Sept. 8 2008
Friend Trainer The negative image of "Friend" is where many trainers fall into, and it's a trap that's hard to avoid. We all do eventually become very comfortable around our clients, and at that point,... View More
Sept. 8 2008
[Read Part 2 - Avoiding negative images] Like tennis bad-boy Andre Agassi was famous for saying, "Image is everything.€VbCrLf... View More