A $50,000 scholarship endowment for the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) Research and Education Foundation has been established in the name of John A. Mayes M.S., ATC, LAT. Through the “John A. Mayes Scholarship Endowment,” a scholarship will be awarded annually to an ethnically-diverse, entry level graduate athletic training/sports medicine student. The first funds will be awarded in 2009.
    Mayes is the director of Athletic Training/Sports Medicine at Prairie View A&M University near Houston, Texas. He is a certified athletic trainer and has served the university for the past 19 years.
    “John’s donation is the single largest endowment contribution from an individual since the foundation’s incorporation in 1991,” said Foundation President Mark Hoffman, ATC. “This comes at a particularly important time, as the foundation is in the middle of a capital campaign focused on the creation of endowments for the future.”
    “I hope my donation will inspire others to join in the effort to help enhance educational opportunities for ethnically-diverse students pursuing athletic training/sports medicine as a career,” Mayes said. “I’m a firm believer that it’s not what you do for yourself that counts; it’s what you do for others. We are our brother’s keeper.” He chose to recognize entry level graduate students to ensure the recipients are truly serious about an athletic training career.
    Mayes looks forward to continue raising money for ethnically-diverse athletic training students by helping endow a scholarship from NATA’s Ethic Diversity Advisory Council. The goal is to increase the endowment to $250,000.00 within five years.

    The National Athletic Trainers' Association (www.nata.org) represents and supports 30,000 members of the athletic training profession. NATA advocates for equal access to athletic trainers for patients and clients of all ages and supports H.R. 1846. Only 42 percent of high schools have access to athletic trainers. NATA members adhere to a code of ethics.
    The NATA Research and Education Foundation (www.natafoundation.org) is the largest national funding source for research and education for the athletic training profession. Since its founding, the Foundation has distributed over $1,900,000 in scholarships and $2,250,00 in research grants. The Foundation’s revenues are provided through contributions from individuals, sponsors, corporations and NATA regional and local organizations, as well as special events.