According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 17% of teens are overweight, and the US Surgeon General reports only 25% of teens are active and get enough exercise.

School's out for the summer, and instead of staying indoors, playing video games and being couch potatoes, one program hopes teens will stay active and be fit.

The Anytime Fitness location on west Charleston is taking part in a national campaign called the Teen Fitness Connection.

"This is Vegas, after all. This is summertime, and the norm is perhaps to stay indoors, but this is an alternative to indoors," said Yorgho Triantaphyllou with Anytime Fitness.

To keep teens healthy and active, the gym is giving teens what basically amounts to a free summer membership - no contract, and no strings attached. Several student-athletes from Clark High School are already part of the program.

"I need to stay in condition for volleyball. We do a lot. I don't want to be the last person running a mile or anything," said Rocio Garcia.

They say what your body gets from time at the gym beats staying indoors.

"I think it's great because there are a lot of people that want to work out, but it's too hot to go outside, so you come in here, and it's fresh and it's free," said Brenda Garcia.

And whether you're a young gym rat or never set foot inside an athletic club, the Teen Fitness Connection is open to any teen this summer.

Their recommendation for teens to stay healthy is a minimum of a 30-minute workout, five days a week.