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Sept. 20 2006 12:00 AM

Are you a personal trainer, a chiropractor or a medical center looking to expand to a top-flight personal training and fitness center? Do you want a system and center that offers everything, sets you apart from the crowd, is easy to use and brings in more revenue than ever before, while delivering incredible results for any clientele? Vortex shows you how to own and operate a "club-within-a-club" and equips you to take dead space and turn it into an easy-to-run personal fitness profit center with our Vortex Health and Training Centers. You will learn how to systematically transfer club or medical clientele into your ongoing personal training client base in a fast, easy and systemized way that really works. In only 800 square feet, the most versatile and profitable personal training centers are now available. Vortex offers:


  • Complete three-day sales and management training

  • Over 30 Vortex training programs for all levels  

  • The exclusive Vortex Masters Training Program to set you and your trainers apart from the pack

  • The use of our "Grab-n-Train" Vortex equipment from the exclusive  DaVinci series

  • Financing options


    Launching the Future

                During a training session in 1986 at Bob Piane's personal training studio, his brother Joe asked the question, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a machine that enabled you to stand in one place, reach out, grab a handle and train in any direction you want?" Bob replied, "If anyone ever invents that, it would revolutionize fitness training." This led him to the pursuit of what is now called functional, movement and core training. His first patent of a functional machine was issued in 1992.

                With a second patent issued in 2004 and more products and improvements on the way (all pending patents), the quest for greater levels of core and functional design are moving forward. All Vortex products are made in the US at a state-of-the-art production plant in Lincoln, Nebraska. Bob Piane is the company founder, designer and inventor of the equipment. His research goes back to 1989, where he conducted ergonomic studies of the design and its inherent benefits for superior training at the University of Delaware's sports science laboratories of biomechanics under the direction of Dr. Jim Richards, one of the nation's top researchers in the field. At that time, the concepts of strength training in virtually limitless planes of motion were too far ahead of their time. Since then, the design has gone through over 40 levels of testing and redesign. Now, nowhere is there a more versatile, complete strength system to train on, particularly for those with limited space.


    Vortex's Place in History

                Ranging from use as a rehab tool, to use by those confined to a wheel chair, as well as meeting the vast needs personal trainers face daily and providing top-level sports training applications (in particular the newest invention of the Vortex Xcellerator, which enables the user to train at any speed for incredible power development), the units have gained a reputation as the "best in their field." This is noted by the research and work done by David Sandler at Florida International University. Vortex units are now used all over the US in his presentations to strength coaches looking for the best methods to develop power, while also reducing the incidence of injury.


                For more information on Vortex, the leader in turn-key and high-profit personal training studios or wellness centers, email Rocky Tharpe at, visit or visit us at IHRSA, booth #1787. 


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