Insufficient trunk and hip stability can increase harmful forces on the lumbar spine and entire kinetic chain during sports or higher intensity activities. This exercise will help improve anti-rotation strength and emphasize trunk stability, improve gluteus medius strength and enhance neuromuscular control.

    Attach a 1-inch band to a cable column or fixed object. Next, loop a kettlebell between a second 1-inch band by securing it in the knot between them. Grasp the end of the furthest band, interlock the hands and position the body in a squat position with adequate tension in the bands. Start with 30-45 degrees of bend in the knees and position the hands at chest height.

    Actively engage the core to maintain a neutral spine angle and resist trunk rotation. Next, slowly extend the elbows, pressing the hands away from the chest. Be sure to keep the arms at chest height and perpendicular to the torso at all times. Pause at full extension for 1-2 seconds and then slowly return to the start position. Initially perform a deliberate cadence (1/1/1 or 1/2/1).

    Other variations of this press include using a much faster cadence to induce more momentum or even perform small pulses at different parts of the range of motion. Perform 10 repetitions for a specific amount of time, and then switch sides. Repeat for 2-3 sets.

    1. Increasing the cadence or hold time on each
    2. Increasing the resistance
    3. Moving to a split stance position

    1. Reduce the resistance
    2. Shorten the range of motion (decreased horizontal pressing)

    This is an advanced version of a standard standing pallof press. Clients should be proficient in a traditional version (bands or cables) prior to moving to introducing the kettlebell. This exercise is designed to promote anti-rotation core strengthening, but this variation is specifically designed add another element of unpredictability to the exercise with the moving kettlebell. It is effective and safe for clients of all ages and abilities, and provides a fun way to ramp up core training.