While most are talking about how to get smaller, Kourtney Thomas is talking about how she can help women live bigger. And there’s no question she’s doing it in a big way. What started as a personal journey to stop living and playing small, Kourtney discovered that taking up more physical space created a complete mindset shift and impacted every part of her body and being. Kourtney’s success as an online trainer and coach has been featured in several leading publications and continues to expand her presence online with her compelling stories and conversation-starters. With her infectious smile, praise-worthy biceps, and a gift for connection and honest communication, there is no doubt Kourtney Thomas will continue to create an impact.

Here is how Kourtney Thomas is sharing her message in a big way…

My ideal client is a woman who is ready. She may know exactly what she’s ready for, or she might not quite be able to put her finger on it. But she knows she’s ready for change and next steps – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

My message is to empower women to live their big, genuine, and limitless lives.

If I had only one way to share my message it would be email. I love telling stories, and delivering those stories directly to inboxes is my favorite way to engage and interact. In-person meetings and speaking are a close second.

Successful messaging is authentic and personal, not just what you think people want to hear. It’s also appropriately targeted for your specific audience.

People follow me because I’m genuine. I’m open. And for a lot of people, the stories I tell are relatable. Mix it in with useful and actionable information, plus cat pictures, and there’s a little something for everyone.