Record-holding competitive powerlifter. Strongman athlete. Ripper of phone books. Breaker of license plates and bender of steel. Highly-educated fitness professional of more than 20 years. Contributor to internationally-recognized health and fitness publications. Published author. Band member, singer and musician. Dancer. Massage therapist. Fitness studio owner.

Meet Melody Schoenfeld. There really isn’t anything she doesn’t do, and seemingly nothing that would keep this 5-foot tall strong woman from trying. She lives her belief that you can only get better if you train smart, train right, and have fun.

Here is how Melody is sharing her message…

My ideal client is anyone who wants to improve their health. Bonus if they want to get physically strong!

My message is, “You can only get better.” I think it’s important in life to always try to improve yourself, whether it be physically, mentally, intellectually, or what have you. I love helping people discover strength they didn’t know they had.

If I had to pick only one way to share my message, I’d probably say social media, only because it’s the easiest way to reach a huge audience regardless of location. I actually have my message painted on the wall of my studio!

Successful messaging inspires people you didn’t know were listening.

People follow me most likely because I’m a very small, unassuming vegan woman who does feats of strength like tearing up phone books and license plates and bending steel. I like to think it’s because I’m hilarious. But it’s probably the phone books.